The ENN Symposium on Compact Fusion Technologies will be held on April 19-20, 2018 at the Ovation Seven-Cultivation Hotel in Langfang, China (30 miles away from Beijing).

This event is co-organized by ENN Energy Research Institute, the Division of Plasma Physics, Chinese Physical Society (CPS) and the Society of Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Physics, Chinese Nuclear Society (CNS).

The ENN Symposium on Compact Fusion Technologies seeks to frame theories, key technologies and engineering that are shaping today’s fusion efforts and initiatives. The symposium aims to serve as a platform for open discussion and innovation and even the wildest ideas are welcome. ENN, together with our partners, are dedicated to advance fusion in its theory, experiments, technology and engineering.

The symposium will bring together plasma physicists including theoreticians and experimentalists; experts in the various multidisciplinary fields of fusion science and technology; materials engineers; fusion devices engineers; and young scholars in the relevant field.

Symposium program includes, but not limited to:

1.Reviews and new concepts of fusion studies;

2.Reviews and new design of fusion devices;

3.Challenges and roadmap of compact fusion devices, such as spheromak, stellarators, magnetic mirror, RFP and FRC;

4.Other alternative concepts of fusion technologies.

The working language of the symposium is English.

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to know the latest technology progress and make business contacts.We look forward to seeing you in Langfang!

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