April 18, 2018 (Wednesday)
08:00-10:00 PM


05:30-08:00 PM

Dinner—2nd Floor, Area B

April 19, 2018 (Thursday)
07:00-08:30 AM

Breakfast—2nd Floor, Area B

07:30-08:00 AM

Morning Exercise(Qigong)— Lobby,2nd Floor, Area B

Chair: Zhu Zhenqi
08:30-08:40 AM


Luo Delong

Ministry of Science and Technology

08:40-08:50 AM


Jiang Dong

Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology

Chair: Wang Xiaogang
8:50-9:10 AM

From Low-carbon Energy to Carbon-free Energy

Zhu Zhenqi

ENN Group

9:10-9:30 AM

Progress and Trends on Fusion Power Plant Studies

Feng Kaiming

Southwestern Institute of Physics (SWIP)

9:30-09:50 AM

Fusion Research in ITER Era

Mitsuru Kikuchi

Naka Fusion Institute

9:50-10:10 AM

Fusion Energy Development Status in Korea

Ki-Jung Jung

ITER KOREA/National Fusion Research Institute

10:10-10:25 AM

Coffee Break

10:25-10:45 AM

Compact Component Test Facility based on the Spherical Tokamak.

Yueng-Kay Martin Peng,

Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

10:45-11:05 AM

What Can and cannot be Expected from the Tokamak Fusion

Leonid Zakharov


11.05-11:45 AM


Luo Delong, Ki-Jung Jung, Feng Kaiming, Mitsuru Kikuchi, Leonid Zakharov, Yueng-Kay Martin Peng

11:45-12:00 PM

Group Photo

12:00-01:30 PM

Lunch-- Jiahui Hall, 3rd Floor, Area C

Chair: Qin Hong
01:30-01:50 PM

Gyrokinetic Simulation of Impurity Turbulent Transport in Tokamaks

Xiao Yong

Zhejiang University

01:50-02:10 PM

On the Size of Tokamak Fusion Reactor

Xu Guosheng,

Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

02:10-02:30 PM

The Spherical Tokamak as a Compact Fusion Reactor Concept

Robert Kaita

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

02:30-02:50 PM

Spherical Tori: Past, Present and Future

Gao Zhe

Tsinghua University

02:50-03:05 PM

Coffee Break

Chair: Xu Guosheng
03:05-03:25 PM

Where Material Dares to Go under Fusion Extreme Conditions

Lu Guanghong

Beihang University

03:25-03:45 PM

Choices Between One Alpha and Three Alphas

Qin Hong

University of Science and Technology of China

03:45-04:05 PM

Advanced Fuels for Compact Fusion Concepts

John Santarius

University of Wisconsin-Madison

04:05-04:35 PM

Progress, Promise, and Uses of Small, Clean FRC Fusion Reactors

Samuel Cohen

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

04:35-04:55 PM

Confinement Properties of FRC as a Compact Fusion Reactor

Lin Zhihong

University of California, Irvine

04:55-06:00 PM

ENN Campus Visit

06:00-07:30 PM

Banquet Dinner-- Jiahui Hall, 3rd Floor, Area C

April 20, 2018 (Friday)
07:00-8:30 AM

Breakfast—2nd Floor, Area B

07:30-08:00 AM

Morning Exercise(Qigong)— Lobby,2nd Floor, Area B

Chair: Lin Zhihong
08:30-08:50 AM

Challenges in Support of Steady-State Tokamak Operation for Fusion Reactor

Wan Baonian

Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

08:50-09:10 AM

Notes on Spheromak Compression

Bruce Scott


09:10-09:30 AM

Design of a One Tesla Spherical Tokamak Optimized for Merging

Tan Yi

Tsinghua University

09:30-09:50 AM

AC Compression Tokamak: A New Way to Fusion Reactor

Shi Yuejiang

Seoul National University

09:50-10:10 AM

Advanced Configuration Design of the Chineses First Quasi-axisymmetric Stellarator(CFQS)

Xu Yuhong

Southwest Jiaotong University

10:10-10:30 AM

Conic Imploding Magnetic Inertia Fusion Concept

Lei Yi’an

Peking University

10:30-10:50 AM

Polywell Fusion:A Compact Fusion Approach Using Magnetic Confinement of Electrons and Electrostatic Acceleration of Ions Polywell

Jaeyoung Park

Energy Matter Conversion Corporation

10:50-11:00 AM

Coffee Break

Chair: Mitsuru Kikuchi
11:00-12:00 AM

Interdisciplinary Panel

12:00-12:05 PM

Closing Remark

Zhu Zhenqi

ENN Group

12:05-02:00 PM

Lunch-- Qu Yuan Feng He, 3rd Floor, Area B

02:00-05:00 PM

Seven-Cultivation Activities (Complimentary)--- 5th Floor, Area C

05:30-07:00 PM

Dinner---2nd Floor, Area B